Subaru of Gwinnett


At Subaru of Gwinnett we get it.


We understand you want great prices, great customer service, and a great product.  We also believe that because you have the money, that gives you the right to shop your way, not the "dealer's way".  Every car dealership in Georgia will promise you a "different online shopping experience".  But in most cases there's nothing different about it!  The fact is almost every dealership in Georgia operates in the exact same way-a way that is outdated, wastes tons of time, and leaves you with a major headache in the end.

Most consumers hate buying a car because of the pain of the traditional process, but most car dealers still insist on selling you a car their way. Until now.  At Subaru of Gwinnett we don't "talk" about providing you a different experience, we live it.

Your "Shopping Concierge" - Now this is Different!

At Subaru of Gwinnett we think you should control how you shop. When you submit an online inquiry to Subaru of Gwinnett we will provide you a Concierge to guide you through the process.  The Concierge helps you purchase, the Concierge does NOT sell.  The Concierge will assist you in any way you desire and allow you to move at your own pace.  If and when you decide you would like to speak to a product specialist, our Concierge will help you pick out the product specialist who you feel is best for you.

By shopping using the Subaru of Gwinnett Concierge, you'll avoid the following consumer pet peeves:  

  • You won't be "cyber stalked" by a sales person or bombarded with countless emails trumpeting the virtues of Subaru of Gwinnett while never getting answers to your specific questions.
  • You won't be inundated with phone calls promising "great news".
  • You will get the information you want, not the information the sales person "thinks" you want.
  • Nobody will "rush" you into making a bad decision.

What's in it for you?

  • You get the information you want without the pressure to "buy now".
  • You shop at your leisure and at your pace.
  • You have the option of choosing your own product specialist.
  • You get a great price.
  • Fun. (And if you're going to spend money, don't you deserve fun?)

Every Subaru store claims that they are different.  At Subaru of Gwinnett, we don't claim it, we live it. Subaru of Gwinnett - where people sell cars at great prices.

Here are just few of the services your Subaru Concierge provides you:

  • She will answer your questions; she is very familiar with the Subaru product having worked as a service advisor and assistant service manager.
  • She will communicate in any way that makes you comfortable; email, phone, text, Skype, FaceTime, etc.
  • She can arrange an appointment for a vehicle showing.
  • She is able to check the availability of any vehicle in our inventory as well the inventories of Subaru stores all over the USA. (Click here for our new inventory; Click here for our used.)
  • She will introduce you to the Subaru product specialist of your choice when you're ready. (Click here to pick out your own specialist.)
  • If you've requested a price; she will immediately connect you with one of our product specialists.